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frank and ava spam ♥

The challenge at picspammy is favorite couples. So here we go. Photos, quotes, my fangirling opinions, etc. BECAUSE I LOVE THEM.

Why do I love them so much, you ask ( probably didn't, but that's okay)? They were ridiculously adorable, romantic, passionate, amazing people who were the loves of each other's lives.

Reasons Why Frank and Ava are Love:

1. The way they met.
The first time I met Frank Sinatra, I was still married to Mickey Rooney. We were out at some Sunset Strip club, probably Mocambo, and Frank was there. He knew Mickey pretty well; who didn't? and he stepped across to meet the new wife. And being Frank he did the big grin and said, "Hey, why didn't I meet you before Mickey? Then I could have married you myself."
That caught me off guard. I guess I smiled back uncertainly, but I don't think I said a word. Because in those early days, I was always feeling out of my depth. Even to meet Frank Sinatra was exciting enough. To have him say a thing like that left me dumb-founded.

2. The way they looked at each other.

3. They looked so adorable doing ordinary things.


Also, Happy!Ava after the wedding, and the honeymoon photo.

They're so happy. It kills me that things ended the way they did.

5. Ava loved him even when he had that godawful mustache. Now that's devotion.

6. They were super cute. (I know, I've already used this one. But I have more cute pictures!)

8. This picture.

Because what the hell is Frank even wearing? And I like that they were hanging out so long after they were divorced. I wish I had this in better quality.

9. This song.
I'm a Fool to Want You - Frank
This song is basically Frank and Ava's relationship set to music. They both cheated on each other (Ava more than Frank, I think) and they left, but they would always come back because they truly loved each other. Apparently, after recording this, Frank grabbed his hat and coat and left the recording studio, because he just couldn't take it.

10.Their whole damn romance.
I think there's something impossibly romantic about the two. Frank and Ava loved each other to the ends of their lives, even though their marriage didn't work out. The day Ava died, Frank was just...completely and utterly heartbroken. He stayed in his room and couldn't speak above a whisper the entire day. He paid all of her medical bills when she was sick later in life, though he had been married twice after their divorce. He had a statue of her in his back lawn until his bitch of a 4th wife made him get rid of it. And through reading bits of Ava's autobiography, you can just tell that she was still in love with him when she wrote it (sometime in the 1980's?).

A lot of silly stories have been written about what happened to us in Palm Springs, but the truth is both more and less exciting. We drank, we laughed, we talked, and we fell in love. Frank gave me a lift back to our rented house. We did not kiss or make dates, but we knew, and I think it must have frightened both of us.

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